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Please use this simple template to make your action plan and return a completed copy to CAFOD.

To apply for the award, your community should plan one main action – something which involves either a significant change or a lot of people - and at least two smaller actions under each of the three headings.

You can include activities which are already taking place and some that are new, or that aim to reach new people. There are more ideas and inspiration on


Use these questions to help you plan your activities:

·        Why are you taking this action? Who will benefit and what difference will it make?

·        Who will be involved in making it happen? Think beyond your core group.

·        How will you show that you’ve succeeded? Electricity bills, photos, newspaper cuttings and liturgy sheets are some of the ways you can show what you have been doing.

·        When will you do it by? Be realistic.

·        What kind of action is it? Is this action reflection and worship; practical action or something which reaches out to involve others beyond the community? It could be all three, but make sure you have all three kinds of action reflected somewhere in your plan.






Actions to live simply


Main action: Create vegetable garden (three raised beds situated bedside existing flower beds) - selling produce to support out connect 2 Cambodia project



Other activities:


1.      Set up walking club at St. Clements meeting 3 times per year – February, June, October 


2.      Live simply tip of the week-handed out monthly after weekend Masses


3.      Make live simply banner from recycled materials


4.      CAFOD stations of the cross during lent








Actions to live sustainably with creation


Main action: Instigate recycling scheme for church hall including purchase of recyclable cup, plates et. For parish events



Other activities:



1.      Carry out energy audit


2.      Joint parish Christmas card


3.      Encourage parishioners, especially the young, to walk or cycle to mass and for meetings held on the premises.  Have special walk to Mass event.


4.      Set up scheme for tree planting on behalf of newly baptized, first holy communion, confirmed and married.




Actions to live in solidarity with the poor


Main action: CAFOD Connect2 project. Cambodia selected and introductory material received from CAFOD.



Other activities:


1.      Maintain Fairtrade status by committing to using Fairtrade products at parish events


2.      Support CAFOD campaigns throughout the year starting with Power to be


3.      Organise 4 Fairtrade breakfasts throughout the year.


4.      Continue to support and promote the work of Epsom and Ewell Food bank including increasing the number of volunteers from the parish