St Clement's, Ewell

  • 307 Kingston Road
  • Ewell
  • Surrey
  • KT19 0BW

020 8393 5572

Pastoral Initiatives


Additional initiatives in Parish 

Visiting Sick and Housebound
Please notify Fr Graham of any parishioner who is sick or housebound. Normally Fr Graham or an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist will visit them weekly with Holy Communion. 


Bereavement Team

Some Parishioners are involved through CRUSE

Prayer Groups

Friday Evening

 8pm Tivey Room 

      Contact :


Religious Instruction for Children Not in Catholic Schools
Parents whose children are not in Catholic schools have to take full responsibility for the religious education of their children, a task quite different from Sacramental preparation.
The parish offers them full support
Help and advice available.  Contact :  Pauline Groves. 




 Last Modified 30 July 2015