St Clement's, Ewell

  • 307 Kingston Road
  • Ewell
  • Surrey
  • KT19 0BW

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Financial Stewardship

Our Parish Community is self financing. All our ministry has to be funded by the parishioners. This includes pastoral work and staff, building maintenance and outreach. We also share with other parishes responsibility for supporting our diocese and episcopal ministry. 

Income is derived from regular giving and  fund raising events.

Regular Giving

Standing Orders


Gift Aid recovery

Please contact Julian Hall  for details of regular gving through Gift Aid



Gift Aid is a very easy way for donors to give to charities in a tax efficient manner.

The donor makes a straightforward Gift Aid Declaration (GAD) setting out those donations on which the charity is authorised to reclaim tax.

Who can make a Gift Aid Declaration?

A GAD can be made by an adult (i.e. anyone aged 18 or over) who is a UK resident and pays tax on income and/or capital gains and whose offerings to the Church are made from his/her taxed income or capital gains. Such people include:

- those paying tax under PAYE

- the self employed paying tax

- retired persons paying tax on a pension

- those who pay tax on unearned income such as interest on government or corporate bonds, or building society and bank accounts, investment dividends, property rents, etc

- those liable to capital gains tax on sales of assets or investments

In addition, the following qualify:

- donations by Crown Servants or members of the UK armed forces serving overseas and paying UK tax

- donations by non-resident individuals provided they have income or capital gains charged to UK tax at least equal to the gross amount of the donation

Since 6 April 1990, husbands and wives have been separately assessed for income tax purposes. A non-taxpaying spouse cannot make a GAD on the strength of tax paid by the partner. In such a case, the taxpayer should make the GAD in his/her own name, and make payments out of his/her taxed income. A non-taxpayer must not make a GAD as it cannot be used to reclaim tax. Joint GADs are not acceptable



Fund Raising

Summer Fayre
Christmas Market
Jumble Sales
Coffee Mornings

200 Club

In 2006 The 200 Club made a net contribution to the Parish of £1633.00

In 2007 The 200 Club made a net contribution to the Parish of £1802.09

In 2008 The 200 Club made a net contrbution to the Parish of £1820.00

In 2009 The 200 Club made a net contribution to the Parish of £1926.00

In 2010 The 200 Club made a net contribution to the Parish of £2010.00


The Sunday collections are counted on a Monday morning.

Counters are always required .

If you can spare one Monday morning a month please let either Father Bamford

know or contact the Parish Treasurer Louis Pelosi on 0208 786 7939