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A course of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation takes place every year from September to April. The course is open to anyone over  the age of fourteen who has not yet been confirmed. It involves approx. nine sessions on Saturday mornings, a retreat day and three special Sunday Masses and an active commitment and participation to the course and Sunday Mass throughout.

The aim of the course is to give candidates an experience of their Faith, not just a time of fact-learning. This is a time of exploring their own ideas with other young Christians, of deepening their relationship with God and making the connections between "everyday life" and their Church.

The young person has the freedom to decide whether to go forward to be confirmed or not. This is a once only sacrament.

It is their "coming of age" in the Church. They are choosing to say " Yes- I am a Christian.Yes, I want to take the next step on my Faith Journey in the Christian community.

Please support them with your prayers, example and encouragement.

Contact :                        Fr Graham   8393  5572
                                      Ann and Robin Hannan




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