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Childrens Sacraments

Growing Towards Jesus

Before joining the Reconciliation and Holy Communion programmes, children must have completed this early years preparation programme.
At intervals of about a month, a number of simple worksheets need to be completed at home. They are designed to help parents guide their children to a basic and active understanding of their faith and particularly to begin to take part in the Mass.
The programme starts soon after Christmas and children must be at least seven years old by 31st December.

After completing this programme children may then prepare for Reconciliation and Holy Communion

Parents meet twice during the autumn to help them prepare their children for this sacrament. There are three linked sessions for the children and worksheets to be discussed and completed at home. Parents bring their children to the sacrament when they feel they are ready.

Holy Communion
Between Christmas and June each year, a series of six preparation sessions are held, separately for both parents and children. A celebration at a Sunday Mass follows each set of meetings and First Holy Communion is received, in small groups at the child's usual Parish Mass in June or July.

Family and Parish involvement is an important part of these programmes and so each has an individual prayer partner from the Parish community.


Note: Older children joining these programmes will be given material and support appropriate to their age.
All these programmes need the active involvement of parents and the parish will give every support possible to the parents.

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Last Modified 30 July 2015