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Pan Amazon Synod

Meeting in Rome from  6 -27 October 2019

A group of bishops with some lay advisers met to discuss

the place of the Church and its missionary role in the 
nine countries in the watershed of the Amazon River.

The final document published in Spanish on 26 October highlights "Conversion".

Conversion finds expression in different contexts within Church activity:  pastoral, cultural, ecological, and synodal. They are aspects of an integral conversion to which all are called.

The text is the result of the “open, free, and respectful” exchange undertaken in the three weeks of the work of the Synod, to tell the story of the challenges
and the potentialities of Amazonia, the “biological heart” of the world,
spread over nine countries and inhabited by over 33 million people, including about 2.5 million indigenous persons.

Yet this region, by area the most vulnerable in the world on account of climate change caused by human beings, is on “a rampant race to death”. And thus the Document reiterates that a new direction is necessary in order to save it, to avoid a catastrophic impact on the entire planet.

The implications for the missionary Church face to face with the real problems within the region lead to a series of proposals in the areas of conversion(change)

The Pope has published this response to the Pan Amazon Synod