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Ordinary Time

 Not a turning back, but living fully the new life we have celebrated.


Outside of the major festivities of Easter - Pentecost (preceded by Lent) and Christmas (preceded by Advent) we continue our liturgy and worship in "Ordinary Time".

In 2018  Ordinary Time (Week 1) begins after Monday 8th January (The Baptism of the Lord).
It continues till  Ash Wednesday 14th February(Week 6 )

The  colour of Ordinary Time is green - symbolic of growth 

 This colour is used for the vestments (clothes worn by the priest at Mass), the tabernacle   (place where the  sacrament is reserved) cover and associated decorations around the altar.

Ordinary time finishes on the 34th Sunday "of the year"
when we celebrate  Christ the Universal King.


How much "Ordinary Time" comes after Easter depends on when Easter  ( a movable feast: this year 1st April ) actually occurs.


Ordinary Time  resumes immediately after Pentecost Sunday.
This year it resumes with Week 7 on Monday 21st May  and continues till the
end of Week 34 on Saturday 1 December. (Eve of 1st Sunday of Advent)