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Lent and Easter

Season of Lent



26th  February



     In year A we follow the Gospel of Matthew (See Notes Page for background) 

Sunday 1

The Temptation of Jesus in the desert.

Led to the empty quiet space to reflect, Jesus finds himself
confronted by the devil,and rebuffs him.

The episode is accompanied by accounts of the Faith the

Hebrew people have in their God and the faith that Christians have in Christ.

Sunday 2

The Transfiguration.

Peter, James and John witness Jesus displayed in glory.

Jesus bridges the gulf between the human and the divine,
identified in the accounts of God's covenant with Abram

and the transformation which Jesus brings to our existence.


Welcoming Christ: the Gift of God

The  woman at the well is seeking physical water and finds  a water giving eternal life.Jesus defies convention and speaks with the woman who is alone drawing water.

Revealing her situation, Jesus draws her to understand that he is the source of living water: the Messiah.

The woman becomes an evangelist to her village, who in turn welcome Jesus as Saviour  of the world.

Sunday 4

Reborn to the Light of God.

Jesus comes across a man blind since birth. Making his living as a beggar.

Prompted by his disciples wanting to know whose sin caused the blindness Jesus

Places mud on his eyes and tells him to wash it off in the pool. Immediately he sees.

Problem! For those who knew the blind man how did this happen? For  the Pharisees this had happened on the Sabbath!

He comes under fire from the Pharisees who having tracked down his parents to confirm his former blindness, attempt to declare Jesus a sinner for breaking the Sabbath. 

The man holds his own with the Pharisees, affirming the goodness of the activity of healing, who throw him out of town. Jesus finds him and brings him to faith. Jesus is come into the world to bring sight to the (spiritually) blind.

Sunday 5

Born to the Freedom of the Children of God

Jesus seems almost deliberately slow to respond to the requests

from Martha and Mary to come and heal their sick brother. 

Bethany is in a danger zone. 

By the time Jesus arrives Lazarus has been dead four days.

Do you believe in the resurrection? Sure, but if you had been here my brother would not have died... Jesus compassion shows through. He heads for the tomb. They are a bit reluctant: body condition after four days! Jesus raises his eyes to his Father and calls Lazarus from death to life. To freedom in Jesus.


ALL Services cancelled until further notice.

Pray with humility and confidence that the sickness, which now afflicts us as well as our planet, may soon be no more, and that we will learn afresh how to live in love and trust in God...


Stations of the Cross 19:15

Friday's of Lent
From 6 March

Followed by Adoration or Blessed Sacrament

For Half an Hour


Deanery Penance Services
There are several extra opportunities during Lent to receive
the Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession in our Deanery:

Times scheduled :


Wednesday   18th  March, 13:45 : St Joseph's, Epsom

(For the primary school.      Adults welcome from 14:30)

Thursday 26th March, 19:00 : Our Lady & St Peter, Leatherhead

Sunday   29th March    15:00 : Sacred Heart ,      Cobham

 ( jointly with Effingham and Fetcham)

Tuesday    31st March  19:30 : St Michael’s, The Marld, Ashtead


Thursday 2nd April,  19:30    : St Clement’s, Ewell

Monday 6th April, 18:30.  : St Joseph’s, Redhill







BEHIND Closed Doors

Palm Sunday of the Passion    5 April

                 Mass with Procession of Palms  10:30  

Wednesday of Holy Week       8 April

         Chrism Mass at Arundel  Cathedral  18:00                   

Holy Thursday                       9 April

Mass of the Lord's Supper            20:00

Good Friday                          10 April

Stations of the Cross        11:00

 Liturgy of the Passion  15:00              

Holy Saturday                         11 April

 Easter Vigil  Liturgy 21:00

     BEHIND Closed Doors                                                                                                EASTER SEASON



Mass 8:30 am


Mass 10:30 am


No Evening Mass today