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Lent and Easter

Season of Lent



06th  March

Lenten  Groups

Wednesday Mornings 
Starts 13th March

(Tivey Room)

Thursday Afternoon 
Starts 14th March

14:00 -15:30
(Tivey Room)


Friday Evenings 
Starts  15th March

(After Stations,Tivey Room)      
On 29 March will take form of coffee and conversation
with members of CTE invited to stations




     In year C we follow the Gospel of Luke (See Notes Page for background) 

Sunday 1

The Temptation of Jesus in the desert.

Led to the empty quiet space to reflect, Jesus finds himself
confronted by the devil,and rebuffs him.

The episode is accompanied by accounts of the Faith the

Hebrew people have in their God and the faith that Christians have in Christ.

Sunday 2

The Transfiguration.

Peter, James and John witness Jesus displayed in glory.

Jesus bridges the gulf between the human and the divine,
identified in the accounts of God's covenant with Abram

and the transformation which Jesus brings to our existence.


The Need for Conversion: Encounter with God.

Jesus reminds his listeners that tragic and sudden deaths are not
(necessarily) a result of the guilt of those who die.

Even the fruitless fig tree may provide fruit if cared for.

But we do need to be sure that we are converted.
Paul reminds the early Christians that they should learn from the
experience of the followers of Moses. They had to trust in God.

Sunday 4

The Prodigal Son (The Merciful Father?)

Despite his waywardness and disregard for his father's house
the feckless son is welcomed home by his father, when he takes steps to return.

Jesus is telling us that the unbounded love of the father is just like the unconditional
love that His heavenly Father has for us.

Three new situations are recounted.

Passover is first celebrated in the new land(no more manna),
the early Christians reconciled in Christ have become a new creation
and the son who was lost (estranged) has been found (reconciled).

Sunday 5

The Woman Taken in Adultery

As the crowd bays for a stoning, Jesus shows mercy.
The crowd challenged by Jesus to cast the first stone if they are sinless,
melts away. Jesus does not condemn the woman, but says sin no more.
Jesus tells us that we too must be willing to be merciful in our dealings

The new approach from condemnation to mercy are echoed in  
Isaiah where the way of the Lord brings new life watering the desert

and Paul who himself has put aside old ways for the sake of his new life in Christ



Stations of the Cross 19:15

Friday's of Lent
From 15 March


Deanery Penance Services
There are several extra opportunities during Lent to receive
the Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession in our Deanery:

Times  below:

Monday   18th  March, 13:45 : St Joseph's, Epsom

Thursday 21st  March, 19:30 : St Joseph's, Epsom

Thursday 04th April,  19:00 : Our Lady & St Peter, Leatherhead

Sunday   07th April ,     15:00 : Effingham/Fetcham

(At Our Lady of Sorrows, Effingham)

Tuesday   09th April,   19:30 : St Michael’s, The Marld, Ashtead

Wednesday 10th  April
, 19:30 : Banstead and Tadworth
(At St John's ,The Avenue, Tadworth)

Thursday 11th April,  19:30    : St Clement’s, Ewell

Sunday     14th April,     15:00 : St Joseph's, Dorking








Palm Sunday of the Passion    14 April

                 Mass with Procession of Palms  10:30  

Wednesday of Holy Week       17 April

         Chrism Mass at Arundel  Cathedral  18:00                   

Holy Thursday                       18 April

Mass of the Lord's Supper            20:00

Good Friday                          19 March

Stations of the Cross        11:00

 Liturgy of the Passion  15:00              

Holy Saturday                         20 April

 Easter Vigil  Liturgy 21:00

                                                                                                    EASTER SEASON



Mass 8:30 am


Mass 10:30 am


No Evening Mass today