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The Joy Of The Gospel

As long ago as 1975 Pope Paul VI wrote
"the Church exists to evangelise".
Para 14 Evangelii Nuntiandi.

In the half century since the second Vatican Council, when the Catholic Church began to reflect on its role and purpose in the modern era, much has been spoken and written about evangelisation.

Most recently Pope Francis has added to this reflection by setting out his blueprint for the church in a document Evangelii Gaudium published in November 2013, using the english title "The Joy of the Gospel".

Evangelisation is essentially spreading the word. And the word we are to spread is of our experience of the freedom to love which is ours in our encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. In practical terms we show this by living unselfishly in lives at the service of everyone: all of them seen as our brothers and sisters in Christ.

These pages will explore some of the key issues raised by
"Joy of the Gospel" 
and identify resources we can use in making evangelisation
a reality in our own lives and those of our parishes.

Pages  prepared :

Church Transformed by Mission.

Community and the Crisis of Commitment

The Task of Proclaiming the Gospel

The Social Aspects of Proclaiming the Gospel

Spirit Filled People Proclaim the Gospel


Evangelisation Resources

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