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Gift Aid


Contact: Julian Hall

Hm Tel : 0208 393 3480

Mob Tel 07801 827 805



I have taken over the administration of the Gift Aid Scheme since April 2005 following on from Gariel Mc Hugh who had administered the programme for over 20 years.

A very big thank you to Gabriel for his support during the transfer. The system has been very well audited during Gabriels tenure which has made the transfer process very straight forward.

We do urge anyone in the Parish who is interested is joining the Gift Aid scheme to contact me by tel of by email on My wife Deborah provides invaluable assistance with the weekly updates and is very familiar with the current system we have in place.

The web site will be updated on a regular basis and I plan to offer additional guidance and links to asisst Parishoners understanding and introduction to the programme.

At this early stage we have uploaded some of the basic elements of the system. The gift aid box for Parishoners to use to drop off any notes or questions and the clip board with attaching forms.

                          Gift Aid Box             and                  Sample Form




  1. Very simple to complete. Name address and contact tel no
  2. You must be a tax payer.
  3. The Form MUST have a number assigned to it which will be the gift aid number that indentifies the Parishoner for all future contributions.




  1. As much or as little as you can afford whenever you want.
  2. Be it coins or notes just as long as the contributions are put in an envelope so we can identify the gift aid member ( date of envelope does not matter), we can then reclaim the tax you have paid from the government.