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Celebrate the Resurrection

 of Jesus Christ.

Prepare to receive the Holy Spirit


The celebration of the Resurrection begins on Easter Sunday and

continues for 50 days to Pentecost (when we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit)


During this time the Church relates the story of the early Christians
as their small communities gathered to celebrate in the breaking of bread.


We, like the disciples, absorb the news of Jesus' Resurrection
and  pray for understanding and discernment.
We too await the empowerment of the promised Holy Spirit to be renewed in our lives.

Sunday 21 April 
Easter Sunday

 followed by eight days
of liturgical celebration of the Resurrection



Thursday 30 May   Ascension Day



Sunday 09 June  Pentecost Sunday



  Sunday 16  June   Trinity Sunday



Sunday  23 June    The Body and Blood of Christ

(Formerly Corpus Christi)

  Transferred from Thursday 20 June