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Diocesan Golden Jubilee





The Diocese of Arundel and Brighton was formally established  28 May  1965. It was carved out of the then Archdiocese of Southwark, and covers the counties of  East and West Sussex and Surrey (outside the GL boundary). It remains within the Province of Southwark  along with the dioceses of Portsmouth and Plymouth.

 The Diocese of Arundel and Brighton can be thought of as  a child of the Second Vatican Council. It came into being just as that great gathering of all the bishops of the Catholic Church was reaching its conclusion. The diocese has grown to maturity in the era of aggiornamento- that opening to the Holy Spirit which has characterised the Church in the last half century.  


Vatican II Focus

When the late Pope John 23 announced the Second Vatican Council, it was something of a surprise. It was the first Council not called to deal with a particular crisis for the Church. It was an opportunity to reflect, and seek to open the Church to modern times  under the guidence as always of the Holy Spirit.

It is fitting that the preparation for the Golden Jubilee draws on the most important documents of the Council.

Just as the Council ran from 1962 -1965, so our preparations will focus fifty years later on taht Council's  Dogmatic Constitutions.

The documents take their names from their opening words ( in Latin of course) .

We will be studying the documents in our parish. in the order


Worship - Sacrosanctum Concilium   2012


Word - Dei  Verbum                          2013


Communion  -  Lumen Gentium           2014


Mission  - Gaudium et Spes               2015

Parish Action

It is hoped that the parish will form a (large...) number of groups to meet, to share, to discuss, to pray about and take their place in the church of the next fifty years.

As Bishop Kieran put it . [ as we reach the Jubilee year ]

we the people of the diocese will better understand who we are and what we are called to do, and that, in turn, we will bring about real change in the communities in which we live.

The Bishop spoke at a series of open meetings  in July (2012)


The Epsom Deanery Training sessions for Jubilee group leaders  took place on Thursday 20th September 2012 at St  Michael's, Ashtead.
At St Clements we ran six face to face and one on-line discussion groups in the Autumn involving over forty people.

Several of them attended a follow up conversation at Epsom with Bishop Kieran reviewing the meeting content , the questions that had been raised and looking forward to his Autumns discussion on Dei  Verbum. 

On Sunday 5th July 2015, 11,000 people from across Surrey and Sussex gathererd at the Amex Stadium in Falmer, near Brighton to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton . This is the largest Catholic event in the United Kingdom since the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.