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St Clement's Church Ewell

Parish Priest: Fr. Graham Bamford

307 Kingston Road KT19 0BW Tel: 020 8393 5572

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St. Clement's Primary School:  020 8393 8789

St. Andrew’s Secondary School:  01372 277881

Roman Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton

Charity No. 252878


7th Sunday of Easter

Sunday, 24th May 2020   Psalter Week 3   Cycle A

Mass behind closed doors will be celebrated on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday approx. 12 noon

Sunday, 24th May

All Parishioners


Well-being Allison, Andrew and Mike


Peter Ellis RIP

Sunday 31st May Pentecost

All Parishioners


Mary Richards RIP


William and Joanna O’Halloran RIP


Tuesday:  St Philip Neri, Priest


ANNIVERSARIES 24th to 30th May 2020:  Alfred Bellamy, May Wright, Bill Alder, Josephine Coelhol, Giovanna Anon, Cecilia Collis, Mary Roper, Lofty Hart, Ken Smith, Stephen Howday, Kate McGoldrick, Paddy Myall


RECOVERY AND WELL-BEING:  Please pray for: Steve Kamm, Anne Gibbons, Chris Williamson, Bernie Sullivan, Felice Prince-Wright, Mary Frost, Michael O’Connell, Maureen O’Sullivan, Margaret Harris, Tony Bellino.


CAFOD£255 (inc. Gift Aid) raised from Coffee Morning on 8th March. . Also donations for coffee after 8.30am Masses has raised £200, of which £100 has been donated to CAFOD and £100 to Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability who are caring for  Steve Kamm.  Many thanks.


JONATHAN’S ON LINE QUIZ on Sat 30 May, for the perfect night in.  Money raised will go towards CAFOD's Coronavirus Appeal. Suggested minimum donation of £5 per adult, but please give what you can. 

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MASS ON TV:  If you have SKY TV, under the religion section can be found EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network), 3 Masses every day:-  Approx. Mid-day, 6.00 pm and 11.00 pm


Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Once again, greetings from the presbytery.

Three Sundays ago I came across a programme late at night – I had been dozing in the chair and I was about to turn off the TV.  The programme, called ‘Retreat’, was mostly in silence and was concerning the life of those several hundred men who have been in “lock-down” for their whole lives, the many monks across our country.  The programme dealt with the Benedictine Order (begun in the 6th Century by St Benedict in Monte Cassino, Western Italy).  Before the reformation in this country the Benedictines had many Abbeys.  The lifestyle, based on the rule of St Benedict, is very holistic, with disciplines in mind, physical and spiritual.  Underlying the disciplines is a great awareness of God’s presence and the desire to live out the Christian life, loving God and the community.  Prayer, the Divine Office and Eucharist, these lie at the heart of their vocation as Benedictine monks.

The three weekly programmes went to three Abbeys, (1) Downside, Somerset, (2) Pluscarden, near Elgin, Scotland and (3) Belmont, Hertfordshire.  Today there are 15-20 Abbeys across England and Scotland, (three in our diocese) with several hundred monks.  Each Abbey may have a different focus, e.g. education, spiritual retreats, beekeeping, pottery, etc, but the underlying lifestyle is the same.

I think the COVID 19 crisis is, perhaps, making us focus on a more monastic form of life, which points to what is truly important in life.  A valuing of community, a deeper sense of the reality of our Creator, more respect for God’s creation.

Have a good and safe week,

With every blessing,

Fr. Graham



Last Thursday we celebrated the Solemnity of our Lord’s Ascension into Heaven.  This feast looks forward and prepares us for the feast of Pentecost when we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  We can look towards heaven and see the way in which the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and Son to draw us into the Father’s love.  The Holy Spirit prompts us into finding ways to spread the Gospel.  Often this will be through the witness of love lived out in families and small steps that build better relationships.  In this way we become missionary disciples of Christ.  We are asked to proclaim our faith.  A word of hope, a word of encouragement, the small steps of love all give hope and speak of the promise we believe.  Truly, the Ascension of the Lord is a feast when we can rejoice with the great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us.