St Clement's, Ewell


  • 307 Kingston Road
  • Ewell
  • Surrey
  • KT19 0BW

020 8393 5572

St Clement's Church Ewell

Parish Priest: Fr. Graham Bamford

307 Kingston Road KT19 0BW Tel: 020 8393 5572

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St. Clement's Primary School:  020 8393 8789

St. Andrew’s Secondary School:  01372 277881

Roman Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton

Charity No. 252878


Lectionary Week 14

Sunday 5th July 2020   Psalter Week 2   Cycle A

Sunday 05 July

Closed Doors

All Parishioners


10.00 am

Mary Jo Byrne RIP


6.00 pm

Well-being John Ryder

Sunday 12 July

10.30 am

All Parishioners


10.00 am

Michael Diemer RIP

Saturday (Vigil)

6.00 pm

Mary Hughes RIP

Sunday 19 July

10.30 am

All Parishioners

FEASTS:  5th July to 11th July

Saturday:             St Benedict, Patron of Europe


ANNIVERSARIES:  5th to 11th July

Dorothy Riggs, Clifford Shatford, John McAteer, Ernest Gould, Christopher McNamee, Catherine Grant, Patrick Hall, John Gill, Giovanni Cacace, Don Tye, Michael Diemer, Mary Brooks


I can share with you that from the Wednesday 8th July it will be possible for you to once again attend Holy Mass at St Clements. The obligation for Sunday Mass attendance remains in abeyance for the time being which means you can attend Mass on any day.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that we are back to where we were before the lock down. The guidance that we have been instructed to put in place for the opening of the church for private prayer will apply even more for those attending Mass, and if you have forgotten what this is, please refresh your memories by looking at the guidance at the end of this statement.

As you know, we began opened the church for private prayer from Wednesday 1st July. It was good to see those who popped in for a short visit. I am most grateful to those who so kindly volunteered to do stewarding and cleaning. Going forward, we will need to continue with this when the Church opens for Mass. Times of Holy Mass either weekdays or Sundays will not be as they were before. Bearing in mind there is no obligation for the present and keeping to our new capacity of 70 persons in church, I propose starting on Wednesday 8th July.

There will be 10.00a.m. Mass each Wednesday. The Saturday Vigil Mass will be at 6.00p.m. and on Sundays, Mass will be at 10.30a.m.


·        Enter through the main doors.

·        Use the hand sanitiser.

·        Take a laminated sheet from the steward to take with you to sit on in the pew.

·        After praying, leave the laminate where you have been sitting so that the place may be cleaned.

·        There is a one-way system in operation. Please exit the church through the side door left of the alter.

·        Sanitise your hands again.

·        The doors will remain open to allow a free flow of air and reduce the risk of people touching the door handles.

·        Please do not go on or behind the alter. Candles cannot be lit.

·        Toilets are not available.

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

I hope you are well.  I have good news, our church opened for the first time since 20th March.  After a very deep clean, done professionally last weekend, the church was open for private prayer – just for two hours on Wednesday.

From 4th July the Government are allowing us to have public liturgy.  I would like to start from Wednesday 8th July at 10.00 am with Mass. The church will be open from 9.00 am until 11.00 am on that day.  On Sundays we will have a restricted Mass schedule as above.  Please note that numbers will be restricted to approx. 70 people per Mass.

Sincere thanks to all who have volunteered to be stewards and cleaners and also to Jonathan Inns for organising this.  Please respect social distancing – 1 metre apart, there can be no hymn singing, no books available (please use your own missal) and no chalice at Holy Communion.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  We will progress according to experience and developments.

               Keep safe!  Sincere best wishes,

                              God Bless, Fr Graham


Reflection:  Jesus in this Sunday’s Gospel talks about a yoke.  A yoke can be described as follows:  A part, especially one of relatively thick cross section that secures two or more components so that they move together (Oxford Dictionary)

Jesus invites us to put his “yoke” on our shoulders.  Normally being yoked may not seem an attractive option:  it implies forced labour and servitude.  But Christ’s yoke is light because the gift of the Spirit moves us to enjoy carrying out the will of God even though at times we fall.

“My yoke is easy and my burden light” Christ says to us.  His commandments are not complicated and burdensome:  Jesus asks us simply to love God and to love our neighbour as ourselves.  In doing this, we are following him, we are loving as Christ has loved us:  and we can know that, as we do so, he himself will help us to shoulder the yoke.  Compared to the complicated and constant requirements of the old law, Christ’s yoke is very light.