Advent and Christmas



1st Dec-24th Dec
is a time of preparation for Christmas.
At Christmas  we celebrate the Incarnation, the birth of Jesus, the first coming.

We also look forward to the second coming of Jesus,
as he returns in glory to his Kingdom


In the northern hemisphere during this time of short days and long nights,

we are invited to focus on Christ Jesus, the light of the world.




 Wednesdays beginning 27th November after Wed. Coffees at approx. 11.15am
Fridays beginning 29th November

All welcome.




In a world which is often judgemental and has adopted something of a blame culture,
Christians remember that Jesus offers us forgiveness.

During this time most parishes in the Deanery celebrate that forgiveness with

Reconciliation Services and an opportunity for individual reconciliation(confession)

In Date order 

   Banstead  St Ann's, 4 Brighton Road           
                               Wednesday 11th December 7:00 pm

   (Jointly with St John  the Evangelist, Tadworth )

   Leatherhead Our Lady and St Peters, Garland Road           
                               Wednesday 11th December 7:00 pm

  Epsom  St Joseph's, St Margaret's Drive           
                              Thursday  12th December 1:45pm (for school and parents)

   Epsom  St Joseph's, St Margaret's Drive           
                              Friday  13th December 7:30pm

   Effingham(with Fetcham) Our Lady of Sorrows, Lower Road

                              Sunday 15th December 3:00 pm 

   Ashtead  St Michael,The Marld    
                              Monday 16th December 7:30pm

  Ewell  St Clements, Kingston Road

                  Thursday 19th December, 7:30pm

   Redhill Parish of the Nativity of the Lord, St Josephs, Ladbroke Road  

                           Friday 20th December, 6:30pm



                          Sunday 20th December  3:00 pm 

   Tadworth  St John the Evangelist, The Avenue   will join St Anns, Banstead

  Reigate and Merstham are joined with Redhill in the Parish of the Nativity of the Lord


 1st December First Sunday Advent

8th December Second Sunday Advent

15th December Third Sunday Advent
22nd December Fourth Sunday Advent

Masses at usual times

Vigil Saturday 6:00pm


8:30am, 10:30am, 6:00pm

Eve of Christmas Eve

Monday 23rd December

Mass 9:30am




The  Christmas Season celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

This is a key moment  in our history, when God chooses to take on human form and be born as a baby.

It marks the beginning of the New Covenant
between God and man.
It brings the promise of freedom,  of hope and restoration
and of a new life literally lived in the power of God.

The all powerful God comes to earth as a child
dependent on his human parents,
in social circumstances which are not of the best.
This involvement is an encouragement to us
in the often challenging circumstances of our daily lives
to accept God's love, to return that love
and respond by loving our fellow human beings.


  "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favours!"  Luke 2:14 (NRSV)


The season continues with a series of feasts marking the special character of Jesus and his family


You are welcome to  join us for our  Services over the Christmas  Season


The Liturgical Season of Christmas begins on Christmas  Eve, the Vigil of the Nativity, 
as we symbolically place the baby Jesus into our crib.

 During the Christmas Season we depict the Nativity scene
(a straw floored stable) with a display of figures involved in the event.
Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds, sheep and cattle:
and most importantly  the baby Jesus.
At Epiphany we add the three kings.


Christmas Eve
(Tuesday 24 December)


Vigil Service            17:00
                                (5:00 pm)

First Mass of Christmas   17:30
(based on the Night Mass)



     Service of Carols  and Readings        

                                 (9:30 pm)

Night Mass of Christmas  22:00



Christmas Day :
The Nativity of the Lord
(Wednesday 25 December)

 Day Mass
   10:30 only


Christmas does not stop the day after Christmas Day,
with the onset of the "Sales"!

It continues even beyond the traditional twelfth day,
on which we celebrate Epiphany-
the showing of Jesus to the world at large.
This is usually
depicted as the arrival of the three kings (Magi)
- carrying gifts for the infant king.

Within the Catholic (western) Church,
Christmas usually continues until
the Sunday after Epiphany
when we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord.


Boxing Day : St Stephen
(Thursday 26 December) 

Mass 10:00 am

Boxing Day takes its name in England from the practice
of distributing gifts after the Christmas day celebration.

On this day we keep the feast of the first Christian martyr
St Stephen, a reminder that sacrifice is part of Christian life.


The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Saturday 28 December
Mass 18:00
Sunday 29 December

No evening Mass

On this day we celebrate the family that returned
to Nazareth to live in relative obscurity.
Foster father Joseph , the carpenter,
Mary, the Virgin mother
and the child Jesus, God and man.
They are known as the Holy Family.



Mary Mother of God
Wednesday 1 January 2020


At the start of the year we recognise the role of Mary.
Mary is Mother of Jesus - who is  both God and Man - 
and so we call her Mother of God.
This is a day on which traditionally we pray for peace.



Epiphany of the Lord

Saturday  04 January

Mass    18:00

Sunday    05January





As we saw earlier this is the day on which Jesus
still a small child is presented to the non Jewish world.

Christian art works often depict three well-to-do leaders
from different continents.  The Jesus who comes  as a helpless
baby is non the less their king.

On this day we recognise not only the promised Messiah,
fulfilling the Hebrew prophecies,
but the Christ, the anointed one of God,
who is King of all peoples.


Baptism of the Lord

Saturday 11 January

Mass  18:00

Sunday  12 January





Today we are at the meeting of the last of the
Prophets of the Old Covenant (John the Baptist) 
and  Jesus, who brings in the New Covenant.

John has been preaching the coming of Jesus
and calling the people to a change of  their lifestyle
- to repentance -
and to accept a water baptism as a sign of change.

Jesus has no need of such conversion,
but in solidarity with the people, whose life he now shares,
he insists that the reluctant John  baptise him.
Jesus shares in all aspects of our humanity.

Formal End of the Christmas Season